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ASG-X came into being in the fall of '93.

Over the course of three years, it has become the home for a group of varied and interesting people, most of whom were born between 1961 to 1981, which is the widely accepted timespan for Generation X.

The newsgroup does not represent every person in the generation, it doesn't even have its virtual finger on the pulse of Generation X. That's a fancy way to say "Don't come to us with your surveys, we usually don't care."

And it doesn't mean that we don't care about anything. We do. And we say so.

Sometimes we get a little rowdy, but





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it's all in the spirit of camaraderie.

You're just as likely to find a discussion of the state of the economy or politics as a whimsical thread about what you're wearing right now, or what your favorite tv show was in 1985.

We look forward as much as we look back.

This site is as much about our culture as it is about our newsgroup. The 60s and 70s were wild times. The 80s were wild. The 90s don't seem much calmer.

Everything that might have happened in these decades affected the way Gen-Xers came to adulthood and perceive the world.