Welcome to the web site for alt.society. generation-x, usenet's home for all variety of folks born from '61-80, give or take a few. We're glad you're here.

Please enjoy your choice of clear beverages while we see what we've got in the wagon for ya ... would you prefer Crystal Pepsi, caffeinated water, or look here's some Zima left over from the New Orleans Tingle!

Let's start you with your first ten points. To get more points, you tie in a current thread to a previous thread. You'll get the hang of it. As for the rest, take whatever strikes your fancy, the same way you pick which threads you want to read.

OK. I see a Cure concert T-shirt in there, a couple of Max Headroom stickers, and some white melamine bookshelves from Ikea, with picture directions so you can put 'em together yourself. Those will really come in handy for ...

Your very own copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. I think we have one of those Friends cookbooks, too. If you need, there's a library of used college texts, stocked to the breaking point; we've got a whole bunch of books about comparative religion, political science and microbiology. Ooh! Here's Samuelson's Economics!

A "pre-viewed" video of The Breakfast Club, and a cassingle of "Smells like Teen Spirit." I think this one is ABC's Lexicon of Love but as you can see, the label came off the tape. It might be a mix, there are a lot of those floating around here.

Hey! Is that Atari Space Invaders? Neat!

Who's got the keys to the Civic, anyway. It's old, but it runs ... and it's yours when you need it. By the way, the cat just had a litter, and, um, could we interest you in a lovely and talented kitten?

Would you prefer windowpane denims or stone-washed jeans? Those LA Gear sneakers that light up, perfect for when you need to scale a tree after a little fun in the street, or pastel Chuck Taylor high-tops?

Anyway, rummage around until you find something you want. There's plenty more where that came from!

Do I have any takers on the Garfield Phone?

Please, somebody ...

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