About Sean Conner and This Site

One (1) Captain Napalm

It's the most wonderful time of the year!It's a study in contrasts—digital camera contrasts“Only the highest fidelity images are used for identification purposes!”Here I am, enjoying my vacaton in a rain forest.Don't hate me for my sock monkey headphones.I'm wearing a goatee—I must be my evil twin brother.An emulated Captain Napalm from an emulated camera on an emulated cell phone.Chillaxing in my cube at the Ft. Lauderdale Office of The CorporationStaying cool on a hot dayIced tea—brewed, not instant.I do love my chocolate cake, even as a young kid.Me, and my cousin Robert, about to go to town on a Christmas TreeA shot of me, taking a shot of someone elseIt was a rather blustery Hallowe'en, overcast with bursts
    of rain and a wind that just wouldn't die down.Springfield is a bit flat for my tastesKilroy Was HereHanging out on Nevada State Road 375—also known as “The Extraterrestrial Highway.”Think Happy ThoughtsWelcome to the futureFrom the Hurricane Season that Never EndedThrough A Telescope DarklyMy precious …I was taking a picture and didn't realize I was within camera range.  Oops.Captain Napalm in his first desk job in almost four yearsCaptain Napalm in a sea of merchandise at “Great Value!”The hurricane accomodations where rather Escheresque in their nature.One very goofy looking Captain Napalm after a haircutAn Iconographic Captain Napalm found during a rainy afternoon with no Internet connectivity due to Yo-yo-net.I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!The office accommodations were rather unusual at FAU …I am NOT a number, I am … a BAR CODE!Just playing around.The Great Photographer ponders what his next photograph will be.The alien look.  Good enough for me.A very flattening picture of Captain NapalmA very young and stylishly hip Captain Napalm blows out his birthday cake candles.A Ripe Captain Napalm, the Samurai Admin.Us.Portrait of a programmer in loooooove!I'm digitally remastered!I have to do something other than program computers in my spare time.So here I am, pondering if I should keep, or toss, this camera.I actually kind of like the result, even if it is a bit odd.From an experiment in webcam technology comes this stunning image.A “back of the envelope” sketch of Captain NapalmBy day, I'm a Vice President, but by night, I refocus digital cameras.Information originally about this site.  Some of it's still true, but the picture is way out of date.