A List of Top Ten Photos I Took On or Before 1991

In 1991, I took a photography class at FAU where we had to shoot and develop two rolls of film (72 pictures total) and select the ten best each week for printing.

This collection is a collection of what I consider to be the best photos of the ones I turned in for class (note: not that I necessarily took the pictures during that time).

Bill and Mark's shoes

“… these shoes were made for walking …”

A Long Lost Chevy Nova

“A moving car gathers no moss.”

PC Bus

This particular bus will always be crowded

Seating RAM

“I'm a trained professional.  Don't do this at home.”

Swamp the First

“… not all swamps are gloomy places …”

Swamp the Second


This is not a nude, even though it is

“… why yes, she is nude …”

Study Time

“… and here we see a very rare species of student …”

Taunting the Cows

“… go away, or we shall taunt you a second time!”


“There's an alien presence among us …”