So the assignment was to have an object in every picture. My intent was to buy the most hideous looking lamp at a local thrift store.

I never realized that hideous looking lamps would go for $100.00 at the local thrift store (and I wasn't even in Boca Raton!). So I had to make do with something cheaper.

It's there in the picture. And it's about 50/50 as to those who can pick it out and those that can't. In case your wondering, it's the dandylion looking thing in the lower left of the picture. Strange, but when I was taking the pictures, I thought it would show up better than it did. But what I forgot to take into account was that the film was B/W. The object in question was silver.

I kept the thing in my office for over three years before it finally fell to pieces. I then tossed it.

boop beep boop boop blat