The Glossary

Marc Andreessen

Just in case you didn't know, Marc Andreessen is given the credit for making the World Wide Web popular, first by taking credit for writing Mosaic, the first graphical based browser for the World Wide Web, then, along with former SGI CEO Jim Barksdale, forming a small company known as Netscape.


Armigeron Information Sevices, Inc.

Pronounced “är‧mi′‧jər‧on” and not “är'‧mə‧gĕd′‧n”

The name (curtesy of the CEO, Chuck Wheelus) comes from the term armigerous, which means “to bear heraldic arms.”

Make of it what you will.


A virtual community consisting of people who belong to Generation-X and who post to alt.society.generation-x (abbreviated a.s.g-x or asg-x or ASGX), on IRC in #genx and the genx-l mailing list.

  1. [kə‧băl′] n [F cabale, cabala, intrigue, cabal, fr. ML cabbala cabala, fr. LHeb] qabba-la-h, lit., received (lore)
    1. a number of persons secretly united to bring about an overturn or usurpation esp. in public affairs
    2. the artifices and intrigues of such a group
  2. cabal vi or ca.balled; or ca.bal.ling : to unite in or form a cabal


The Company

The the movie Alien, the crew of the Nostromo refer to thier employers as simply “The Company.” No name is given (although if you look closely in the extended version of Aliens 2 you'll actually see the name of the company); it's just this large, monolithic, mysterious “entity” that controls their actions from afar with no accountability.

Much like companies today.

So I've come to call any company I work for “The Company” since the eventual result of all the mega mergers going on today will be one single entity that may not call itself “The Company” but will in fact be “The Company.”


Computer Room

The location of all the computers in the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere, which is currently doing double duty with another room. At Condo Conner, I had a separate room for the computers which I enjoyed (corner office, with window!) but currently, I don't have one here at the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere, alas.

Condo Conner

The third location I lived at in Lower Sheol, which I was more or less forced to sell by a rather viscious Condo Commando Board in 2002.

Facility in the Middle of Nowhere

The fourth location I lived (and am living) at in Lower Sheol. It is called “The Facility in the Middle of Nowhere” because it really is in the middle of nowhere, commercial zone wise. The closest convience store is about two miles away (thus not making it very convient), although the local landscaping is quite nice.

Really, my only complaint about the place is the location.


You do not have access to this definition.


Lower Sheol


metasearch engine

Instead of doing the actual dirty work of maintaining a database of web pages and doing a search through that, this instead contacts other search engines on the web, given them the query and the dubious honor of all the dirty work.

This does not do a search, but instead does a search of searches, thus the term metasearch.


One of the three Biblical names for Hell.

q.v.Lower_Sheol, Upper_Sheol

Sheol, Lower

An afectionate term I use for South Florida, an area of approximately 1500 square miles of urban sprawl that runs from North Palm Beach (just north of West Palm Beach, darhlink) south for some 100 miles south to Florida City and averagages some 15 miles across.

It also experiences only two seasons, Wet and Tourist.

q.v.Upper_Sheol, Sheol

Sheol, Upper

So, if South Florida is Lower Sheol then I suppose that would make either New York, New Jersey or Boston “Upper Sheol.”

Take your pick.

Upper Sheol


veal fattening pen

A rather derogatory term for an office cubical, one of the worst inventions of the 20th century.

In a rather odd twist, most companies feel that giving individual offices to office workers (especially programmers) is counter productive, but by the same token, the most successful software company in history (as of this writing in early 2004) is Microsoft, which gives all its programmers their own office. You would think that other companies would attempt to emulate those companies more successful then they, but apparently that isn't the case here.


The promised home land for ASGXland, located somewhere between the United States and Canada.

It exists in some form in Seattle and Toronto, but not nearly in the capacity that fellow members would like. For instance, there's nearly not enough clear, blue (10 pts) coffee in Seattle or Toronto.