The Search for Web Pages

I used to have a front end to one of the metasearch engines I wrote, but the server running the program has long since been decomissioned, and the codebase was last modified on Auguest 25th of 2000, and the previous update was August 30th of 1999.

Yup, the project never really went anywhere. Even if I were to resume with the project, I would have to update the code some to work with the search engines of today, and some of the assumptions I made back then are no longer applicable today (and even back 1999 and 2000 I could see some of my assumptions were no longer true).

At one point, I used to point to Google, but when I grew concerned over some of their actions, I switched to Clusty, but, due to changes in ownership, I gave up on them (and I refuse to link to them now) and have now gone back to Google.


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