The Metasearch Engine Years

Quite a few people have helped me write this engine. In no particular order I would like to thank Chuck, Ryan, Kaye, Mike, Julie, Spearwielder, Holly, Greg, Mark, Eric, Chris, Jim, Amin and Colby. You know who you are.

Fit the First

In which our Hero is first presented with the challenge of writing a metasearch engine and dives in head first into some very shallow water.

Fit the Second

Our Hero faces the challenge of a metasearch engine that isn't quite worth the magnetic fluxes used to store it and has to reimplement it using more traditional, stable and robust technologies, learning from mistakes made in the recent past.

Fit the Third

In which our Hero has learned even more, scraps all the code writen in Fit the Second and starts from a clean slate, fixing the problems in the last version while very possibly making mistakes this very minute, as you are reading this page; this section; this sentance; this word.

Fit the Fourth

In which our Hero learns that his old arch-nemesis, Cyber411, has scrapped the code he wrote and implemeted their own which looks remarkedly like his own.

Fit the Fifth

In which our Hero realizes that Geofind is now dead, the code orphaned and the search facility of Conman Laboratories completely broken. For the better part of a year no less!

Fit the Sixth

In which our Hero learns that Cyber411 itself is dead, or nearly so. The search facility of Conman Laboratories is still broken with no definitive plans to have it fixed.

Fit the Seventh

In which our Hero learns about the constants in life.