Fit the Fifth

A lot has changed since 1998 when I last wrote on this subject. What prompted me to write was a recent email I received from Jessica Stephan which went:

From: Jessica Stephan <>
To: <>
Subject: Suggestion

I noticed that your web page,, links to the metasearch engine

I would be appreciative if you would consider for inclusion on your page. Ixquick is a metasearch engine that was given the highest ratings by both Search Engine Watch and ZDNet's SearchIQ. has a number of powerful features:

If I can answer any questions that you may have concerning Ixquick, please email me at

Thank you for your consideration.

Jessica Stephan

I considered it for all of five seconds. Did Jessica not bother to read the page? Why would I link to her site when the whole point of Fit the Fourth was my (now former) roommate was using a competator's metasearch engine?

But I then realized that I had not updated this part of the site in three years and in that time well …

Geofind is alas, no more. My ex-partner let the domain expire (last year, but it was only in June of 2001 that Network Solutions actually released the domain) and before I could snatch it up, some domain squatter got it (I missed it by a few days). The project is dead. The source code orphaned. My search pages are now broken!

Not that isn't saying much—the program itself wasn't nearly as useful as it was back in 1998. The search engines have changed the way the results are returned and the code needs updating. There was also a rather cryptic bug that would cause the program to crash after awhile (I know what's causing the crash, but not what's causing the cause that causes the crash. Did that make any sense?) and since no one was on my case to fix the bug, it never got fixed.

Meanwhile, C4 is now licensing their technology to other companies. Which is more than what Geofind ever got to.

Ah well …