Fit the Sixth

Nothing much to actually write here, other than the fact that as of December 20th, 2002, C4 has apparently been in trouble. I was scanning the log files for my online journal when I noticed yet another search engine (this time, when I became curious as to what C4 is up to lately.

Imagine my surprise when I saw:

12/20/02 - As you've probably noticed C4 is going through some rough times and had to cease operations recently. We at JBX have been hosting and supporting Cyber Networks Inc. for almost as long as they've been in business, and hate to see them go. In this vein, JBX has entered into talks with Cyber Networks to transfer the current email and web operations to us for a time while they reorganize and hopefully re-emerge again. To our knowledge all email, user accounts and address books were backed up at the time of shutdown and if these talks are successful will be given to us to load on machines here and start operations again. We are hopeful that these talks will work out but would like to stress that nothing is decided yet. We welcome your comments at, while we may not be able to answer all of them, rest assured we will be listening.

Updates will be posted here as we have them.

We wish the best to Cyber Networks and Happy Holidays to all,

JBX Networking Staff

Quite amusing, really.