The High-Brow Literary Section

Some of this material, such as Murphy's Law, has been previously published, but since the newspaper that did the publishing has been dead for quite some time now I don't think they'll mind one bit if I make it more widely available. Who knows, people might even request back issues of The Atlantic Sun, the defunct student paper of Florida Atlantic University.

Also you will find a list of previously unpublished and unperformed series of sketches. As one critic raged, “Hey, you plagirizing Monty Python here or what?” and another, “Very derivative of Monty Python here.”

I'll leave the final consensus to you, the web browsing public, to make the final choice.

Murphy's Law

Select samples from a humor column Sean Conner used to write, but no longer does, due to the newspaper being defunct.

Experimental Hypertext

Experimental pieces in hypertext fiction and non-fiction, which may not work in all browsers, or at all!

The Sketches

A series of warped sketches heavily influenced by the likes of Monty Python and Douglas Adams

Miscellaneous Stuff

Pieces I've written that don't fit in with any other section of this site.