Hi. Welcome to a virtual tour of my condo, which is currently being fixed prior to being put on the market. Please keep that in mind (that it's being fixed as we speak) when viewing these pictures. Yes, the condo may look a bit untidy, but that's only because it's being worked on, and there are sill some items currently left there until they can be moved out.

You'll notice the navigation bar across the top and bottom of each page, as well as a layout of the condo with circled numbers and arrows. The circled numbers represent where each shot was taken, and the arrows point to the direction the picture was taken from. You can click on the circles in the image to see that picture. If you click elsewhere, you'll be taken to the page for that room. Or you can use the navigation bar across the top or bottom.

Did I mention it's being worked on?

I should also note that the layout is not to scale and was actually hand drawn by me as I was taking the pictures.

Sean Conner

Condo Layout