A Fireplace

Six months later, and Flickr now supports annotations using JavaScript and CSS, so know I know it's really possible. And when I saw Dan Lyke's take on it, well … it was time to update the code a bit.

So between answering tech support tickets and waiting for a large harddrive to finish fscking, I banged on the code for this, and now all you have to do is mouse into the squares on the image to see the notes.

Much better this time around.

I should note that this doesn't work in IE (like that's a problem). The problem is that IE's implementation of JavaScript isn't standard—it's not even in the ballpark, so after a few hours, I'm not even bothering with it.

You have been warned.


I really really hate the color on these walls.

This is our realtor who found this house.

The circuit breaker for the entire house is in the master bedroom. You see, the master bedroom used to be the garage but was converted over. This wall is where the garage door used to be.

Had the fireplace been real, I would have stripped the paint off and gone back to a natural wood look, since I think it would have looked better with the green marble. But alas, the fireplace is a faux fireplace just for show. In that case, it may just go it did go.