A Fireplace

I like the annotation feature of Flickr, where one can add notes to pictures and they show up as you mouse over them. What I don't like is that feature is only available with Flash.

Something like that should be possible using CSS and some JavaScript.

So I sat down one night and hacked this out. It's not quite perfect (you have to click in the boxes to see the notes, and one of the notes runs too long) but as a “proof-of-concept” it works.

I just need to work on this a bit more.

I really really hate the color on these walls.

This is our realtor who found this house.

The circuit breaker for the entire house is in the master bedroom. You see, the master bedroom used to be the garage but was converted over. This wall is where the garage door used to be.

Had the fireplace been real, I would have stripped the paint off and gone back to a natural wood look, since I think it would have looked better with the green marble. But alas, the fireplace is a faux fireplace just for show. In that case, it may just go.