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Sean Conner

This is actually part of a much larger project I'm currently working on. I noticed that a friend of mine, Spring Dew, lamented about the steps she goes through in updating her site; nine steps.

Just to update a single page on her online journal.

Part of the project I'm working on (which is related to The Electric King James) requires frequent updates and I wanted to make the updates as easy as possible, preferrably via email or a webpage.

So it was with that I spent about two hours (total) in creating an email-webpage gateway to allow her to mail her pages to her site, as well as use a web based interface as well. And from what she reports, it works rather well and there has been a flurry of updates to her site now that it consists of one step instead of nine.

For email, she sends the content to an undisclosed email address, with the subject line becoming the title of that particular entry. To prevent unsolicited email from spoiling her diary there is an authentication method built in. The web based interface requires her to fill out the title and the body. In both cases, the data is run through a template to produce the final page, then it is transfered to her server.

A similar process will be used in the project I'm currently working on, although I'll probably have support for using programs like Netscape Communicator or Dreamweaver to edit the pages on the web server directly (which use the PUT method in HTTP and needs to be configured for the particular web server in question).

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control the code for this can't readily be released, but anyone knowledgable in web technology can probably engineer something similar to this in a few hours as well. It wasn't difficult.