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Nerd Trivia (introduction)

Mark Grosberg

In todays high-tech world, it's sheek to be nerdy. Nerds end up wealthier and more successful than their non-nerdy counterparts. Of course, as in any social group, Nerds strive to achieve dominance of the pack. To be the “Alpha Nerd” as it is called with wolves.

So, to help weed out the geeks from the jocks, I have setup this site which will first present a question and then, when a button is clicked, display the answer. The questions are picked at random out of a database.


Play “Nerd Trivia”

May the nerd with the fullest pocket protector win!

NOTE: It seems that people get very addicted to this site. I am not responsible for any missed coding deadlines, failed projects or lack of time playing Quake that this website may cause.