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by Sean Conner

March 4, 2016

Version: 1.0.10

License: GNU LGPL

All I wanted was a simple way to encode and decode DNS traffic, and all the existing libraries were not only overkill (in some ways), but hideously complicated and lacking the ability to decode some of the more obscure records. So I wrote my own.


by Sean Conner

May 7, 2016

Version: 1.2.4

License: GNU GPL (with exemption)

With rsyslogd and syslog-ng getting ever more complex configuration files that are nearly Turing-complete, I thought, why not go all the way and make the configuration file Turing complete? Therefore, I wrote my own syslogd and embedded Lua to handle the logic of handling syslog messages.


by Sean Conner

December 5, 2016

Version: 1.0.19

License: GNU GPL

X-Grey is a standalone daemon that implements a greylisting policy that any MTA can use. Currently in production use for my own site, it has cut the spam volume by 50%, easily.


by Sean Conner

November 29, 2016

Version: 4.11.3

License: GNU GPL

The software that drives The Boston Diaries. It's a continuation of work I started with mod_litbook but applied to an ever expanding document referenced by datebound entries.


by Sean Conner

January 28, 2008

Version: 1.1.0

License: GNU GPL

Version 1 is an experiment in document referencing using the conventional notation for the material in question as part of the URL. Version 1 uses the King James Bible as a “Proof-of-Concept.”


by Sean Conner

January 7, 2010

Version: 1.0.3

License: GNU GPL

Version 1 is an initial version in a network monitor that shows the traffic in real time, somewhat like tcpdump.


by Mr. Bad of Pigdog Journal

Mirrored February 19, 2000

Version: 0.5

License: Artistic License

This is not the much touted and, if the MPAA has their way, illegal source code to DeCSS but instead a program to de-content style sheet HTML pages.