Currently there are ports of AMC to most POSIX systems and to Win32. For more information on the portability of AMC, read the introduction.

POSIX.1 Package

The POSIX.1 package includes only the AMC source code, it must be compiled with an ANSI C compiler. In addition, most of the standard POSIX.1 shell utilities and a make facility are required.

Unless you are interested in watching the progression of AMC, you should always get the latest version (the entry in bold).

NOTE: V3.6 of AMC and up no longer contain the ATOM code generation engine. That component is being revamped and it will become a seperate package. If you are interested in seeing the ATOM code generation engine, you can obtain V3.5.3 as well and use the c_project file from that archive.

Win32 Package

The Win32 package comes with both the source code and the compiled binaries for several different build configurations of AMC. Currently, the Win32 version will only run on Windows 2000TM or Windows NTTM.

... but make sure you have read the License Agreement first!

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